Apple version

Run Windows software on MacBook

In today's society, Apple devices are popular because of their elegant design and simple interface, such as MacBook Air laptops and iPad Pro tablets. The problem is that most applications cannot run on both Windows and iOS (Mac) platforms. Generally, the file name of an application running on a Windows system ends with the extension .exe , and the file name of the iOS application ends with .dmg . The platform version only supports Windows systems. The easiest way to use it on a MacBook is to install a third-party application and change the .exe file extension to .dmg .

According to the official MetaTrader 4 website (, it is recommended to use the PlayOnMac application on Mac OS. PlayOnMac is a free WineBottler-based application for installing Windows-based applications on Mac OS.

PlayOnMac is not a completely stable application. Some functions in the applications launched under PlayOnMac may not work properly or at all. GLLUCKFX is not responsible for any loss caused by software or hardware failures related to the use of third-party Wine-base applications.

MT4 Download

To download and install the PlayOnMac application, please visit . After installing the PlayOnMac application, you can download the platform (click here). See the name of bacera4setup.exe on the download bar of the browser. After downloading the platform application, right-click mt4setup.exe and use "PlayOnMac" to open it.