iOS supported

Trade Forex via iPhone-The most functional platform in the world responds to the most popular iOS devices. Use the Apple mobile app to choose from hundreds of brokers and thousands of servers. No matter where you are, you will find all types of trading orders, more than 50 technical analysis tools, easy to chat with other traders, audio and push notifications for continuous trading in Apple devices.

Professional analysis tools

In addition to trading, iOS allows you to analyze financial product quotes. The program supports the 30 most important technical indicators and 24 analysis objects: line, frequency, geometry, as well as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools. Both can be applied to charts and indicator windows, and the color scheme can be adjusted according to preferences.

Interactive charts show exchange rate changes in real time. The application provides three types of charts: bar charts, candle charts and line charts. The chart can be easily zoomed and scrolled, and it can be switched from one minute to one month.

In short, the functionality of the mobile applications in the iPhone and iPad is almost the same as the desktop trading platform, allowing foreign exchange transactions anytime, anywhere.

Flexible trading system

The Apple Mobile Trading System allows the implementation of trading strategies of any complexity. The application provides a complete set of order and trading functions.

Instant execution of orders allows you to trade foreign exchange at any time, and pending orders can eliminate the need to constantly check equipment. Just set the transaction price of the pending order, you can switch to other programs. Even if the application is offline, the order will be executed. Set Take Profit and Stop Loss to set profits or minimize losses.

The terminal window always provides comprehensive information such as serial number, open price, quantity, status of all orders and positions. The detailed transaction history of all transactions can be viewed from the history window. Therefore, the mobile trading system can flexibly implement any trading strategy.