Withdrawal Guidance

About withdrawal procedures

Once the real account is opened, there will be an account and password to enter the platform (web-based client system). Each account can be linked to the customer's bank account. Once the customer logs in, all information will be displayed in the client system. When a customer applies for withdrawal in the platform, the funds will be withdrawn and deposited into the associated bank account.

If you withdraw funds by credit card, you need to withdraw the principal (the initial deposit amount). The credit card issuer will refund your money to the credit card used within 5 working days or up to 30 days.

When requesting a withdrawal to a credit card, please consider whether the card has expired. In this case, an alternative method needs to be selected. Returning funds to an expired account may result in delayed receipt of funds, and BCR cannot guarantee the time frame for returning funds if the requested withdrawal amount is initiated to an expired credit card.

Withdrawal steps


Login platform (Web-based client systems)


Click " Withdraw " on the left page


Click " Withdrawal Request " at the top of the page


Fill out the form and click " Submit "

Restrictions and terms

  • Withdrawal requests received before 22:00 GMT standard time will be processed on the same day. Withdrawal applications received after 21:00 GMT (07:00 AEST) will be processed the next day.
  • According to third-party transaction rules, funds can only be returned to a bank account with the same name (or joint) as the actual account.
  • Credit card withdrawals can only be used to use the pre-deposited amount of the credit card-for amounts above this value, a different withdrawal method must be used.
  • Any international wire transfer (TT) fees charged by financial institutions will be passed on to the customer. Most international TT is about USD20.
  • Bank wire transfer and withdrawal usually take 3-5 working days to arrive.