Trading Rules

Lock up

The definition of hedging is to do open transactions of equal quantity but opposite directions (long and short) at the same time, regardless of whether the market rises or falls, the client's relative risk is less. This requires customers to have the same number of sales contracts for the same product when opening a position, and the margin is 0 of the initial margin.

Forced liquidation

When the account balance is less than 100% of the margin, the trading platform will automatically close the open positions in the account at the current market price. The volatility of the derivatives market is very large, customers should be aware that the price of CFD products will fluctuate in a wide range. Price changes depend on the influence of many factors, including interest rates, supply and demand, and government actions. Customers need to bear in mind that in complex and changing market conditions, stop-loss orders may not be able to fulfill the price requested by the customer. Under the influence of major market events, a jump order may occur, and the relevant transaction price will be executed at the first price after the gap regardless of profit or loss. The client is still responsible for any losses arising from the transaction price executed after the gap.

Limit Order / Take Profit / Stop Loss

The platform is committed to providing customers with the best trading services, and strives to complete transactions at the required price. However, sometimes due to market fluctuations or other economic data, the price will appear gapped, and the transaction price may not be able to be executed at the required price. When the account margin is insufficient or there is a gap in the market, and the gap price exceeds both the pending order and take profit / stop loss price set by the customer, the pending order transaction will be invalid and automatically canceled. The platform reserves the right of final interpretation.

Buy Stop

Buy more, buy pending orders above the current price (buy at a higher price)

Sell Stop

Sell short, sell pending orders below current price (sell at low price)

Buy Limit

Buy limit price, buy pending orders below current price (buy at low price)

Sell Limit

Sell limit price, sell pending orders above current price (sell at high price)

Weekend (Friday) or holiday

After the market opens on Monday or holidays, the price may be gapped. Stop-profit / stop-loss cannot be guaranteed at the price set by the customer. It will be executed at the price closest to the marketable price after the market is opened.

Definition and handling of abnormal / violating transactions

  • Trading accounts often open or close positions multiple times within 1-3 minutes, or use pending orders for abnormal opening or closing positions
  • Abnormal transaction volume changes, for example, from 1 to 2 per lot to 20 to 50 per lot in an instant
  • Often, before and after the data is released, trades are made in the form of locked positions / bilateral pending orders, and positions are closed within 20 minutes or set limit prices
  • Use trading accounts to open or close positions with each other, and perform hedging or hedging transactions
  • Customers use malware or plug-ins to effect transactions under the trading platform

If the audit department of the company finds that there are abnormal / violating transactions in the trading account, the transactions or funds in the account will be frozen and an in-depth investigation of at least 30 working days will be conducted. Referrer commissions will be frozen together until the survey is completed.

If it is confirmed as an abnormal / violating transaction, the company will immediately terminate the trading account and return the balance in the account (but does not include any profit or loss arising from the abnormal / violating transaction), and the referral commission generated by the account will be It will not be issued, and reserves the right to investigate and the right to disqualify the referee.

The platform will retain the final interpretation of the above abnormal / illegal transactions


The customer should print the settlement statement for reference purpose through the online trading platform. If the customer has any questions about the transaction record, please inquire with the company within two working days.

Change trading rules

The platform reserves the right to add, delete or change trading rules. It will be effective immediately after being announced on the company's website.