1. Where can I learn to trade?

The platform has prepared a series of teaching resources on the official website, you can access the relevant columns to obtain.

The practice of using a demo account can help you become familiar with trading with a real account. You can register for a demo account on the platform.

2. Is there a guide for using the platform trading platform computer client and mobile application?

If you need a guide for using a computer client, go to the computer guide.

If you need a guide for using the mobile app, please go to the mobile guide.

3. What are the transaction costs?

Transaction costs include spreads, overnight interest and handling fees.

Spread is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, all products on the trading platform have a spread. The spreads we provide are floating spreads, please check the spreads in the table as a reference.

Overnight interest is the interest income or expenditure caused by holding the position overnight. Only foreign exchange, precious metals and some stock index products will generate overnight interest. Please note that the market will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and no overnight interest will be charged, but on Wednesdays the overnight interest will be charged three times as usual. Please go to learn about overnight interest.

Only the US dollar will incur a handling fee for CNY and stock products. The handling fee will be USD 50 per lot and USD 20 per lot.

4. What leverage options do you offer?

We offer 4 leverage options, namely 100: 1, 200: 1, 400: 1 and 500: 1. You can choose to use 200: 1 or 400: 1 leverage when opening an account online. If you wish to use other leverage, please contact your account manager or send an email to the platform before opening an account.

If you decide to ask your account manager to open an account for you, make sure to inform your account manager in advance of the leverage you want.

Please note that if you want to participate in promotional or gift events, the maximum leverage will be reduced to 100: 1.

5. Can I change the leverage?

Generally speaking, it is possible. You can contact your account manager to request a change in leverage. However, please note that if the change in leverage will significantly affect your profit or margin ratio, we will reject your request for leverage change or require you to close the position in advance.

6. What products can be traded on the platform?

Currently we have 36 foreign exchange products and 27 CFD products (including precious metals, commodities, stocks and stock indexes) available for trading. Please refer to all our products. We have always been committed to improving the diversity of products, so the products you want to trade are likely to open for trading in the near future. Please consult your account manager for details. All products can be traded on computers and mobile phones.