Confidentiality Policy

Customer Information

When a customer asks us about products and services, browses our website, or submits an account opening application, the customer may want to provide us with personal information.

We will keep records of transactions and activities of all accounts, including details of transaction contracts and margin calls. During the contractual relationship, any product and service information used by the customer will be recorded and archived.

When evaluating customer applications, we may also collect information about future customers from public sources.

Customer information will be handled strictly in accordance with the national privacy regulations in the UK Privacy Act. Customers living in the UK can obtain the personal information we hold about him or her in accordance with the national privacy regulations described below at any time upon request.

Use of personal information

The information we require customers to fill in the account opening application form is used to verify whether the customer has sufficient knowledge and experience to conduct over-the-counter financial derivatives transactions with us. This information, as well as the information collected and stored by us during the account opening period, is to allow customers to obtain the latest status of their account information, margin requirements and trading activities.

The information that customers are required to provide when entering our website or filling out our account application form is to enable us to better provide customers with products and services that best suit their investment risk tolerance. We will take all reasonable measures to protect customers' personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

Telephone conversation

We may also record telephone conversations between customers and our authorized representatives. The recording, or a copy of the recording, may be used to resolve any customer disputes. The recorded or recorded copy of the customer telephone conversation provided by us will be deleted at our sole discretion.


We collect statistical information about visitors to our website, such as the number of visitors, web pages viewed, types of transactions conducted, online time and downloaded files. These messages will be used to evaluate and improve the quality of our website. Except for statistical information, we will not collect any personal information through our website, unless it is information that must be provided to us.

Update personal information

If there are any changes to the personal information in the customer file, we request to notify the company immediately. This ensures that we can promptly notify customers about their accounts, margin requirements and trading activities. Customers can request us to correct outdated or incorrect personal information at any time. If we question the accuracy of the information provided by the customer, the customer can ask us to attach a statement to the information and indicate that you believe the information is incorrect or incomplete.

Customer agrees

When customers enter our website, they agree that the personal information they provide will be collected, maintained, used and disclosed.