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Digital trading technology

To adapt to the rapidly developing CFD market, customers need a platform that allows them to analyze real-time quotes, conduct real-time transactions, and apply investment strategies without the intervention of a broker. They need a simple and convenient interface to manage their accounts, and can easily view charts and reports. They need a stable system that can provide consistent quotes and can conduct transactions through mobile devices. All of these can be done for you.

Now, all BCR customers can use to trade in the financial market. It is our exclusive trading platform developed by industry leaders in online trading systems and information analysis technology. With a simple and clear interface, customers can check their transaction records and account balances at any time, and can use the method of technical analysis to test their trading strategies.

Standard features

Unlimited use of charts

Trade and view open positions directly on the chart

Advanced charting tools

Advanced chart tools with more than fifty built-in indicators, which can perform technical analysis such as Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator, Moving Average

stand by

Time periods for various charts (from minutes to months)


Such as Andrew Harpoon, Fibonacci Retracement and Trend Line

Multilingual interface

Three languages ​​are available

The actual data

Foreign exchange, crude oil, gold and silver, and stock CFDs / system and trading behavior signals / online real-time transmission of financial market news / internal email system


Print charts and complete transaction reports / leverage up to 400:1

Full hedging ability

Open opposite positions in the same currency / 24 hours trading department support

Become a user

The platform is very popular among brokers and traders, and has been greatly welcomed, and has gradually become a standard trading platform for contract for difference (CFD) products. You will experience this powerful technology used by more than 300 brokerage companies and banks around the world for their core transactions and services, as well as serving more than one million traders and investors worldwide. The simple and easy to understand allows you to overcome technical obstacles and focus more on the trading activity itself.

Designed for all traders

Easy to use but also sophisticated cutting-edge technology. Regardless of your technical expertise and trading skills, its simple and intuitive design can meet all your trading needs. Your account balance, available margin and the value of open positions are displayed in the trading software in real time.

Run your account efficiently

The platform will improve the efficiency of your CFD trading. With this easy-to-master interface, you can monitor all trading activities, track all price fluctuations through charts, and efficiently execute transactions and effectively manage risks. All trading activities can be seen through dedicated information windows neatly arranged on the platform.